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We will only find treatments for dementia through research and clinical trials. Research needs volunteers living with dementia and memory problems, and those who are not. At Great Minds we are focusing on volunteers from other health studies because they have a wealth of data that researchers can use in developing early treatments. Our volunteers are incredibly valuable because there are currently so few with this wealth of health data that are part of dementia research.

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You will not be reimbursed for joining Great Minds. Individual studies may have different procedures for reimbursing costs depending on the study's duration and level of inconvenience.



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Discussion groups with research volunteers revealed that participants and public were positive about being contacted about new research opportunities. We also learned some important things for us to consider, and this has helped shape how this contact should be made. We have followed this advice in the creation of the Great Minds.



Participation in the Great Minds is voluntary and you can leave any time. You can let us know you want to leave through our website or contacting us directly. We will delete all your identifiable data and you can request that we delete any study data collected up to the time you leave.



If you wish to complain about any aspect of this study, contact Ivan Koychev or his study team on 01865 613113 or by emailing Or you can contact the University of Oxford Clinical Trials and Research Governance (CTRG) office on 01865 572224 or email The University of Oxford, as Sponsor, has insurance in place in the unlikely event that harm is caused as a direct consequence of participation in the Great Minds.



Please contact Ivan Koychev or his study team on 01865 613113 or by emailing