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Great Minds Event on Environmental Factors for Dementia

Our Great Minds event on Environmental Factors for Dementia on 1st June 2023 was a big success with 35 people attending in person and around 300 watching live online. The event focused on the environmental impacts in influencing cognitive health. 

The event explored the impact of environmental factors on dementia risks.  

Here is a list of the topics and speakers in this event: 

Healthy Cities: Enhancing Cognitive Well-beingProf. Gallacher shared insights on the significance of healthy cities affecting cognition. 

Unravelling the Impacts of Air Pollution on the Human BrainDr. Ian Mudway enlightened us about the profound effects of air pollution on the human brain.  

Looking After Your Senses: Protecting Cognition with Healthy Hearing and VisionProf. Sarah Bauermeister presented a fascinating exploration of the vital role our senses play in cognition and brain health. 

Blood & Digital Biomarkers: Unlocking New Avenues: Dr. Ivan Koychev continued with his talk on blood and digital biomarkers, presenting exciting advancements in the field of dementia research.

Watch the full event below: